10 Best Franchise Business You Can Start Today

Best Franchise to start today

Somewhere, sometime in life, we always wished to own something of our own. No nine to five work hour schedule, no grumpy boss, no getting up early in the morning for boarding that crowdy to reach office on time. Isn’t it folks? But what happens when you tell them you plan to start the best franchise of your dreams ?

  • The parents shove off those ideas saying it’s not of your capabilities or they refuse to invest. That the least they can kindly refute it?
  • Friends for some reason never take you seriously.
  • And others don’t believe in your plans and execution either by saying it is not well averse or they’ll just say it is out of your budget.

But, what if, we say you can own one now, and you don’t need to splurge those millions of dollars in it! Yes, my goons you heard it right. Listed below are some of the best franchise you can try your hands on today without even thinking of your savings:

Food trucks

Food Truck best franchise to start

The capturing market of various food trucks are the new hotspot for school and college goers. And to own one of this, you really need not splurge a large. An investment of 1-2 lac and place of less than 200 sq.ft is more than enough to make a living out of it.

Amul Parlours

Amul Parlour

Indeed, India’s ice-cream sellers and the most reliable company since generations, Amul, it is surely one stop to look out for. This, parlour doesn’t require a quite heck of space, just a room of about 250-300 sq.ft is enough to give a build to your franchise. And the lowest of your investment could be anywhere between 4-5 lakhs.

Mama Mia

Mama Mia best franchise to start

A place known to capture the hearts of youth, is sure shortly the easiest way to try your hand in the food business. A food joint slowly capturing the heart of Mumbaikars just need around an investment of 7-9 lakhs and a possession of 550 sq.ft area to fill in the atmosphere.

Ribbons and Balloons

Ribbons and Balloons best franchise

India’s leading patisserie and cake shop has been around for quite a few years now. With this product creating a ruckus all over the market. The cost of investment is slightly high too. An estimate cost of production would need up around 12-15 lakhs and a sq.ft of 550 is needed to start on with this project.

Ola/ Uber (The best franchise business)

Ola vs Uber

In a very busy world of Mumbai Mahanagri , to board a cab is a need of an hour for every traveler. And Ola/Uber are the safest and profit rendering franchise to rely upon. It is the best franchise business we have seen in recent years. With a minimum budget of not more than 4-5 lakhs, the monthly guaranteed profit(after cutting oil and service expenses) of Rs 35000/- is surely sufficient to fill your pockets.



The original inventor of our forever loved cake Black Forest is one of the leading company in the cake maker business. To start up a best franchise of this you need 8-10 lakh of budget with a sq.ft of 450 space work area, to run this successfully.

The J

The J best franchise

It is a go to food corner for anyone out there who is a fan of French fries, chicken and cheese. With the crowd mostly filled with young guns, this is sure shot a franchise you can try your luck on and it won’t leave you disappointed. You need a budget of 12-18 lakhs to start up on this venture with a space of 700-800 sq.ft of ambience to attract and maintain the

Jawed Habib

Jawed Habib best franchise to start

A leading salon brand taking the world by storm. And the name alone stands out for the brand itself. It needs around 700-800 sq.ft and an overall investment of 15-20 lakhs is needed to start on a venture like this.

Shiamak Davar Studio

Shiamak Davar Studio

A leading dance studio in India by our very own beloved Dance Guru of all time, might be the costliest mentioned in the given list. To enter into a franchise of this kind you might need an overall budgeting of 20-25 lakhs and a sq.ft of 1000 area to maintain the ambience and create an atmosphere of the youth.

Jumbo King

Jumbo King

The Burger-Vadapav of Mumbaikar is the favorite of many people. To enjoy the leisure of this franchise, you need to splurge on 15-20 lakhs as a part of budgeting and an area of more than 350 sq.ft at a posh location to enter into this venture.

Now, that you got a gist of handful business venture take a leap of faith and start a story of your own. What are waiting you for?


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