22 Secret Combinations on Your Keyboard You Were Unaware Of

Secret Combinations

You might be thinking how is it possible to have so many Secret Combinations out of a small keyboard. Well its true, there are ample number of secret combinations on your keyboard that you were unaware of.

If you are a frequent user of a computer or laptop either for your own purpose or job (where your boss just not let you relax for even a single minute) you must have found it very unpleasant to switch from mouse to keyboard and again from keyboard to mouse. You might have prayed a lot hell of times that something should must be done in order to get out of these switching cycles, but at the end of the day nothing improves the situation.

Well, now these problems can be solved (may be your prayers just got listened) and the solution is that in order to get away from these looping of mouse to keyboard again and again just learn some basic (and some advance) shortcut keys and stick to your keyboard for much efficient work. Now you might be thinking, man I know some shortcut key like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for copying and pasting, but where do I learn all basic shortcuts, well today I am giving a list of all such shortcut keys so you can use them and make your work a hell lot easier.


  1. Win key + A

It will open the Action Center for you that means now you don’t have to use mouse to move cursor on notification bar to access things like settings, seeing notification, etc. In case you see notification lot a time it will just ease the work for you.

Win key + A Secret Combinations

  1. Win key + B

This combination select the first icon in the notification area and then you can switch between the icons using arrow keys. It is one the best shortcut that will ease your work by giving you access over WiFi control, volume control, check battery status and access Date and time bar through your keyboard.

Win key + B

  1. Win key + D

 Have you ever caught looking something privately in your PC and someone comes from behind and suddenly you are exposed. Specially teenagers found themselves in such an awkward position, relax from now on-words you will never be caught in such a situation because “Win key + D” minimizes all the tabs open in your PC or Laptop and shows the desktop. Remember this it will save you in the future.

  1. Win key + Ctrl + F

This will open find computers, if you are a person who have have more than 1 user accounts on your PC then it will help you surely.

  1. Win key + G

It will open the game bar in Windows 10 so now you can start playing quickly.

  1. Win key + P

If you use internal monitor or projector then it will do it for you making your works lot easier than before.

  1. Win key + Q

Want to search something really quickly, then use these and it will open search bar for you so that you can search easily.

  1. Win key + R

If you want to run some application, then you can open the run dialog box by using these shortcut keys.

  1. Win key + T

You can switch over the task-bar, and access the application present there using these shortcut key and then navigate by using arrow keys just like you did in combination number 2.

  1. Ctrl + Shift + Esc

If your PC ever starts hanging or any application is not running smoothly than what you do open the task manager and kill the process, since it is necessary to know how to access task manger quickly the above shortcut key will do the task for you.

Ctrl + Shift + Esc Secret Combinations

  1. Win key + Up Arrow key

If you ever feel too lazy to maximize the current window you are working on then it will be a good friend of you. You can also use Win key + Down Arrow to minimize the current window.

  1. Win key + E

It will open the File Explorer for you so that you can access the previous application and folders you were previously working upon.

Win key + E



  1. Command key + 1 or 2 and so on

If you are surfing through internet and want to switch over to the various tabs, then these shortcut keys will switch it for you. Like when you use the Command key followed by 1 it will switch it over first tab opened in browser, in the same way when you use 2, 3 and so on it will switch over to second third tab respectively.

  1. Option key + Delete key

It will delete a word at a time and makes your task easier as compared to deleting a letter at a time.

  1. Option key + H

If you want to hide the currently working app then it will do it for you.

  1. Command key + Shift key + T

If you ever accidentally close a window then it will help you to recover that hence minimizing your worries.



  1. Alt + f2 key

It will open pop up command dialog where you can search everything.

  1. Alt + tab key

It will show you the tabs you have currently opened.

  1. Alt + f7 key

If your mouse ever gets damaged, then how you are going to do your tasks. Well, you have to buy a new one, but for some emergency case you can use this option, what it will do is that it will give you access to your mouse cursor and you can move it using arrow keys.

  1. Alt + PrtSc key

It will take the screenshot of the current window opened in your PC.

  1. Ctrl + Alt + f1

If you are an advance user then you might be always working on virtual consoles. These shortcut will help you to switch over various virtual console, so now you can focus on your work.

  1. Ctrl + Alt + T

If you use Linux OS then you must be using Terminals for many times. Now next time you have to open the terminal press these shortcut keys, and you will access the terminal directly.

Ctrl + Alt + T

So that’s all for now guys, I hope you will get benefited by it.

If you guys have any other shortcut keys then comment it below.

This is Himanshu Soni signing off good bye.


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