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OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 launched this summer has become an eye-catching device in the market, with its 20MP dual camera and superb built quality it will soon become one of the best phone of 2017. But, is it a “Value for Money” device? Let us discuss further on whether to buy this product for such price bracket or not.

As we know that OnePlus 5T has also been launched, so if you are intrested in reading about it then please click this link or else continue reading.

OnePlus Company is known to build some extra ordinary products and has become a good emerging brand in the market. With their success on the last device i.e. “OnePlus 3”, the company achieved many milestones. But they were lagging in some aspects like camera. The 16GB rear camera captured good quality pictures but was having problems competing with the other giants like Apple and Samsung. OnePlus CEO thanked Apple Company to guide the market in terms of Camera and Specification of smartphones.

Comparision with OnePlus 3
Comparision with OnePlus 3
Sample Image from OnePlus 5
Sample Image from OnePlus 5

Camera Improvement

For overcoming these issues, OnePlus came up with 20MP dual Camera claiming Large Aperture, Effortless Clarity and Faster Autofocus. The dual camera lets you focus on your object and blurs the background, which is the same effect we generally witness with DSLRs. They also claim the highest resolution dual camera on the planet with an intelligent software to measure depth and focus. Talking about the focus, which is 40% faster than OnePlus 3T, is great achievement.

Build Quality of the One Plus 5

Now, let us talk about the build quality. The thickness of OnePlus 5 is just 7.25mm making it company’s thinnest flagship smartphone ever. With all metal body, the phone is durable and it weighs around 154 grams, which is very lightweight to hold. Edges of the phone are rounded this time, which makes the design very elegant.

Rounded Edges
Rounded Edges

Processor and Battery Performance

Well now comes the ROM and Processor of the phone which separates this product from others smartphones. Both 6GB and 8GB RAM variant comes with 1.9 GHz Octa-Core processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, which makes the functioning of the phone very smooth. Multitasking on this phone does not affect the speed of the phone and with its 3300mAh battery the phone almost runs for a whole day, which is 20% more effective then OnePlus 3T. The Dash Charging technology is one of the best charging technology witnessed and charges the phone up to 50-60% in half an hour.

The Phone comes with Vivid Full HD Display and has 3 colour calibration option (standard, sRGB and DCIP3) which takes the phone to a next level. And let’s not forget the Finger Print Scanner which opens the phone in just 0.2 seconds that is so cool.

New Features on One Plus 5

There are some cool new features included this time which are-

  • Secure Box

    It secures photos, videos and private Document with your fingerprint or a 6 digit pin code. Your files in the Secure Box will remain encrypted and hidden from phone storage.

  • Read Mode

    OnePlus will provide you an e-reader feature which will optimize the display for reading through filtering of blue light and gray-scale mapping. For e-book reader this feature will be icing on the cake as you can set your reading apps to automatically open in reading mode.

  • Gamming DND Mode

    This Do Not Disturb Mode will mute all your notifications and temporarily disable soft keys to avoid an accidental click or tab on it.

DND Mode
DND Mode

Here is the Comparisons of OnePlus 5 with IPhone 7, Xiaomi Mi 6 and Samsung Galaxy S8-

OnePlus 5 Xiaomi Mi 6 Samsung Galaxy S8 Apple IPhone 7
Processor 1.9GHz octa-core 2.45GHz octa-core 1.9GHz octa-core quad-core
Rear camera 20-megapixel 12-megapixel 12-megapixel 12-megapixel
Front camera 16-megapixel 8-megapixel 8-megapixel 7-megapixel
Weight 153g 182g 155g 138g
Battery capacity 3300mAh 3350mAh 3000mAh 1960mAh
Internal storage 64GB 64GB 64GB 32GB
Resolution 1080×1920 pixels 1080×1920 pixels 1440×2960 pixels 750×1334 pixels
Screen size 5.50 inches 5.15 inches 5.80 inches 4.70 inches
Dual SIM Yes Yes No No
SAR Value 1.24 NA NA NA
Price USD $479* $365* $724* $649*
Price EURO £499* £280* £689* £599*
Price INR ₹32,999* ₹26,000* ₹57,900* ₹47,699*

`Star(*) marked prices may vary from country to country.

Now by knowing all these amazing new feature, specifications and price, we can say that is a “VALUE FOR MONEY” smartphone and one should buy it because OnePlus products will never disappoint you and will fulfill all your needs.


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