Time Travel or a Mystery ? Lost Plane Found After 37 years !

lost plane

We have all enjoyed the movie that themed around time travel? Be it The Terminator or a Deja Vu or Donnie Dorko ! We all have got this movie thrill up our lives with question and quest, of whether the theory of time travels does really exist or is it a vague assumption and fictional concept?

All this while, we have heard of planes and ships getting wrecked or disappeared at our very famously mystified spot ‘ THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE ’. There has been no signs of their recovery or notice, to where it has been lost. And one such incident of time travel happened to have taken place in the year 1955 which took the entire nation by storm.

It was 21st May 1992, at Caracas Venezuela where a charter plane has accidentally landed, which was Pan America Flight 914 . The plane that had taken off on July 22, 1955. But got lost in the middle of the way and gave no signs of any news or reports!

What Evokes This Mystery :

  • Where was the plane for this 37 years?
  • How was the plane still running without any fuel?
  • Strange thing? They were the same people who had boarded the plane and hadn’t aged! Yes, they did not age!
  • Were they missing or went stranded to an unknown location? And how did they survive this many years?
  • Does it has something to do with time elapse?

newspaper cutting of time travel

And, the Juan de la Corte , was the witness of the miraculous incident. The telephonic communication that happened between the pilot and the workers has been recorded. He narrates the incident saying it was something disturbingly unusual of the visual he has witnessed. He said that the plane landed looked very rugged and outdated, that it was not able to capture in their radar system. As if, this was an invention, made long years aback. Corte when asked the pilot about the details of the plane he asserted that from his panicked voice he could figure something was wrong. The pilot replied, that it is a charter plane Flight 914 with 4 crew members and 57 passengers! And was meant, to reach the destination Miami from New York. And this leaves everyone stunned in the control room.

He then asked, the pilot, “Are you lost?” As the destination he has taken a halt is 1800 kilometres ahead of where he was supposed to land. He said it is Caracas Venezuela, South America. But still with no permission he addressed the pilot for landing at their airport!

It was then, when all the hussle and hassles happened. The co-workers of the control heard the pilot intriguing each other about the strangeness of the environment. The pilot then asked them, where are we? What has happened? To which they replied, “The plane was supposed to land in Miami, at 9:55 and then addressed them that this is Caracas, Venezuela. And the day is 21st May,1992.

And after this the only thing the pilot was seen humming was ,”Oh My God! Oh My God.” De la Corte tried his best to nerve down the pilot and said that they are sending the ground staff for their further accommodation and assistance. With verification of all the documents of the passengers, they found that it were the same people that had boarded the train on 1955. But, one astonishing part was, they never really aged in this past 37 years, and this left everyone in the control room amused.


And just when the ground staff was at their reach, the pilot signaled them to go back and refrain from coming near to them? He said, “We are going again!”. Ground crews saw the frightened face of the passengers pressed on the window. And within this hush and rush, pilot dropped a small runway calendar, of the year 1955. And the plane took a turn back, never to return again.

proof of time travel

As, the voice recording between the pilot and De la Corte, and the runway calendar of 1955 is the sole prove it has been submitted to the respective board of authorities.
This makes us wonder and believe in the theory of TIME-ELAPSE or TIME TRAVEL. Some believe the story to be a farce and falsely highlighted events, some believe it to be a time travel. While for some it’s the matter of a ‘Ground Full Of Riddles’ as how the people are exactly the same age as 37 years, how did they survive and so on.

While, the mystery is still unsolved it is surely one of the situation where we can precisely say, “Time and tide waits for Some”!

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