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25 Vegetarian Foods that you don’t know are Actually Non-Vegetarian

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In this world of adulteration people have to be very conscious about what they are eating, specially vegetarians. They have a limited choice when it comes to ordering or buying vegetarian foods. But if you get to know that the vegetarian food which you are picking up from the market is not vegetarian, then its really disturbing. For pure vegetarians following are 25 Vegetarian Foods that are actually Non-Vegetarian-

  1. White Sugar

    1.White Sugar

White Sugar…….!!!!! Yes don’t get shocked but it’s true. While processing of white sugar it is cleaned by natural carbon and this carbon comes from bone char. Now the bones can be of animals which may disturb many sentiments of people who are strictly vegetarians and only eat vegetarian foods, nothing else. You should always ask for unrefined sugar or use Jaggery instead of sugar.

  1. Patties or Puff

    2.Patties or Puff

Your favourite Puff and Patties contains egg. You might be thinking how it is possible but it is the truth. For crisply, fluffy and golden brown texture of patties bakers brush a layer of egg on it.

  1. Chocolate


Few of the dark chocolate manufactures use whey powder which can contain enzyme called rennet that is extracted from Calf’s stomach. So always check your dark chocolate before buying.

  1. Beer


Many beer makers use fish bladders (Isinglass) for clarifying beer. Isinglass also gives the beer a good colour that sooths your eyes. You should always read the ingredients at the back of your favourite beer bottle.

  1. Oils


People now a days run after TV ads of Heart Friendly Oil and buy such kind of stuff. But you don’t know that these Heart Friendly Oils contains Omega-3 which is derived from Fish Oil.

  1. Yogurt


Check at the back of your yogurt box, if the ingredient list include Gelatine then it is non vegetarian. As Gelatine is usually animal based.

  1. Ice Cream

    7.Ice Cream

Ice cream is the greatest weakness of most of us but few brands of Ice Cream contains capric acid, which is a fatty acid derived from animal fats.

  1. Soups


We all love soup but you are unaware of the reality that it’s actually Non Vegetarian. Restaurants usually add ingredients that contains fish oil and sauce. You may always ask before ordering your favourite Soup.

  1. Jelly


The main ingredient used for making Jelly is Gelatin which is an animal derivative. In recent times makers have started using starch and other food chemicals instead of Gelatin which doesn’t contain any animal derivative.

  1. Wine


Many wine makers use fish bladders (Isinglass) for clarifying wine. It is the same material used in beer manufacturing.

  1. Naan


For those who don’t know, Naan is a flat bread made out of white flour and it completely comes under the category of vegetarian foods ….!!! Well no, all types of naans are not vegetarian. Some of the makers use eggs for kneading the dough to keep it soft and sticky.

  1. Potato chips

    12.Potato chips

Some of your favourite chips contains Chicken fat specially those BBQ flavoured ones. But this is not the case with every brand, many of them sell good quality material which is completely vegetarian.

  1. Cake mix

    13.Cake mix

Cakes can be veg and non-veg both but some people prefer making cakes at home as they doubt those are not completely vegetarian. Usually eggs are poured in cake mix to make it soft and fluffy.

  1. Packed Orange Juice

    14.Packed Orange Juice Vegetarian Foods

Orange have good amount of vitamins that keep you healthy but it contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids which are derived fish oils.

  1. Doughnut


There are certain enzyme called L.Cysteine which is used in conditioning the dough of your tasty doughnuts. And the conditioning agent is made from pig trotter and duck feather which can’t be vegetarian from any angle.

  1. Salad Dressings

    16.Salad Dressings

Have you ever wonder what goes in your favourite salads which make them so tasty. Most makers add eggs for a good texture and smoothness. So from next time just keep a check whenever you order salad outside.

  1. Cheese


Nowadays we found cheese to be used in most of your loved foods but do you really know that cheese may contain rennet which is derived from animal gut. Try to check the ingredients on the back of your cheese.

  1. Chewing Gum

    18. Chewing Gum

Your favourite yummy chewing gums contains gelatine and this gelatine is derived from skin, tendons, ligaments and bones of pigs and cows. You might have heard these things but ignored but start believing as these things are true.

  1. Marshmallows

    19. Marshmallows

Marshmallows doesn’t come under vegetarian foods as they contain Gelatin which is derived from animals. You can check it on the back of the packet of marshmallows.

  1. Frozen Fries

    20. Frozen Fries

Not all but some of the makers of frozen fries use beef tallow which is a form of beef fat.

  1. Bread

    21. Bread

Most of the breads are said to be enriched with Omega 3 which is derived from fish oil. The bread which contains flax seeds and L Cysteine that also comes from poultry feathers.

  1. Cereals for Breakfast

    22.Cereals for Breakfast

Your corn flakes and mueslis might contain some ingredients of beef. So be careful when you buy them.

  1. Ready-Made Pie And Pastry Crusts

    23. Ready-Made Pie And Pastry Crusts

Your favourite Ready-Made Pie and Pastry Crusts may contains eggs. Eggs are used in pie and crust to make it smooth which will melt in your mouth.

  1. Bananas

    24. Bananas Vegetarian Foods

What the Banana……! How can bananas be non-vegetarian? Well there is a spray used on bananas to increase their size contains Chitosan which is a bacteria fighting compound extracted from crab shells and shrimps.

  1. Frozen Vegetables

    25. Frozen Vegetables

Some of the ingredients added in frozen vegetables to keep them fresh for a long time contains animal derivatives. It generally depends upon the manufacture to use those derivatives or not.

If you know few more Vegetarian foods that are actually Non-Vegetarian then do comment below and tell us.

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  • Thank you.

    Some Corrections:

    Eggs are not non-vegetarian…. They are typically not fertilized, and are thus not chickens.

    Omega-3 can come from sources other than fish, though that is a very common source still.

    Orange juice with Omega-3: Some are fish-derived. One I bought recently was not.

    Chewing gum is more likely to have glycerine in it vs. gelatin; glycerin can also come from animal-flesh products.

    Chocolate: I have never seen rennet in chocolate (candy, syrup, or ice cream).

    Ice cream: I have not yet seen capric acid in ice cream.

    Cereals: Ingredients of beef? Please specify.

    Marshmallows typically are made with gelatin from animals. It may be possible to find a vegetarian version. Kosher versions are made from something other than pig, which may be were typical versions partially come from.

    Have a great day!