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Why Depression is so Common Now a Days


Depression is a state of mental imbalance which is not so positive and often comes in negative and unhappy emotions making you feel retarded, lazy and socially disconnected can put you in a serious mode of ‘Depression’. We often excuse the word ‘Depression’ for ‘Lazy’, ‘Sleepy’ and ‘Too tired’, which can be the case sometimes but not all the time.

Friends: Come on let’s meet today?

You: Yeah! Totally it has been a long time since we met (your inner voice). And actually what you say,” I am not well may be some day tomorrow”.

excuses everywhere

Because of the boldness of A-listed stars like Deepika Padukone, Hrithik Roshan, Selena Gomez and death of legends like Chester Bennington, Heath Ledger, Robin Williams and many more…has opened our eyes to the evoking rise of the depression amongst the people and came out open for educating the folks dealing with the same.

What causes Depression?

Depression is the result of genes and stress level affecting the brain’s chemistry and reduces the mental mood stability. In more practical term, it is seen in people with unsatisfactory work-life, unhappy relationship stability, break-up with their loved ones, financial instability are some of the factors that roots towards depression. Also, one thing that aggravates the condition is that victim suffering from depression let’s himself alone to suffer and often ends up slitting up themselves.

Symptoms of Depression:

Symptoms of Depression

  • Lack of self-esteem.
  • Eating way too much or way too little.
  • Being socially disconnected.
  • Staying in complete isolation/ darkness.
  • Crying alone in one corner.
  • Recurring thoughts of attempt to suicide or self-harm.
  • Loss of ability to concentrate on their work or make wise decision.

Why So Sad?

Why So Sad

In the world full of competition whether it is in work-life or love-life, it becomes very hard to face rejections in that. A lot many people go into depression because the outcome of the life is totally different from what they have expected. This rejection faced again and again, accumulates a heap of emotions filled with self-pity, sadness and low confidence which they hesitate to share with their loved ones and thus, resulting this bottled emotions into a state of depression.

Understanding and Reciprocating


People refrain from admitting that they are going through severe depression because the society tags them “Mentally Retarded” if they found any people going to a psychologist for the same. But with time and age, the mindset of people is changing. So ignoring its symptoms is no sign of smartness.




Treatments for depression

Treatments for depression

Depression is mental illness which is treatable with the help of therapies, anti-depressants and through various techniques and methods to attain that mental peace. Following can be done to maintain the peaceful state of mind:

  • Talk to your loved ones about your dilemma. There can be no better cure for this than a “Tight Hug” from them.
  • Consult Psychologist, for therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that helps you deal with overcoming the negative thoughts with constructive and better ways of thinking.


  • Don’t lock yourself in one room. Surround yourself with people who give you positive vibes and help to embrace your confidence.
  • Avoid getting into any kind of drugs and alcohol.
  • Keep yourself busy by opting for gym, yoga or going to dance classes which help you to rejuvenate yourself because An Ideal Mind Is a Devil’s Workshop.
  • Use of anti-depressants can help you calm down those sky-rocketing nerves. But do take it under consulted supervision.


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