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Addiction to Mobile Phones – Today’s Biggest Problem

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“World is just embarked with the beauty of lives and inventions;

Where we in the race of outgoing the other, losing all our humanities is the only mention!”

Today, you just name any ideas and it is converted into an app or technology which provides you with the kind of knowledge and ideas you didn’t even wished to bestow upon! With apps like WhatsApp wherein, you can connect to someone miles apart, to an app which shows when a girl is likely to have her menstrual are all available at the click of your phone. The invention of mobile phones and its technologies, has truly come far away, which was imagined quite a few years aback.

using mobile phones at night

But today, we might see ourselves getting entrapped in the world of mobile phones, where we assume the virtual life to be the portrayal of the real world. And that is how the deadly game like ‘The Blue Whale’ game still exists, the cyber-crime cases of morphing, social media abuse etc. happens right at the click of our touchpads (as buttons don’t exist these days)!

Can we imagine our life without?

  • Using our WhatsApp for a single day?
  • Scrolling through the unwanted feed of our Facebook story?
  • Getting in touch with our clients through PCO’s?

No, right? This have become a daily routine of our lives, but we need to follow up with which part of our routine is beneficial and non-beneficial for us. Some signs of this contributes towards depression, loneliness, mental imbalance which are hidden symptoms and are very hard to detect.

We all have heard of being damaged caused to our retinas, due to the usage of our mobile phones at night. But the real question is, did we initiate anything to stop/ prevent its bad effects on our body? The answer is no, we just scroll through the feeds on our Facebook stories, read the head line and just decline it off, without even reading the matter in it.

before and after using mobile phone

Some bad effects of mobile phones are as following:

  • Damages your eyes, when used during night time.
  • It effects your ear drums while you play music on loud and on loop.
  • Increase risk of illness to immune system of the body.
  • It can create cancer risk.
  • Getting addicted to unwanted sites that pops up in your browser, which is meant for all inappropriate activities. But you still, click on it, out of loneliness.
  • Morphing of the faces and cyber bully on social media platforms ultimately leads to depression on one.

The above are some examples, which we see or go through on our day-to-day activities. And the recent one is the deadly game of blue whale which just took away the lives of 150 and more innocent children and teenagers.

SAR Value

Mobile Phones these days emit radiations which are so dangerous to our health. You must always check the SAR Value of mobile phones before buying. And for your knowledge SAR – Specific Absorption Rate is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by human body when it is exposed to a Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field. The “Federal Communications Commission” of United States have said that the SAR level should be at or below 1.6 watts per kilogram.

Things you can do to protect yourself from these harmful radiations-

  • Keep your mobile phones and other devices away from your body before sleeping.
  • Listen to your calls on loud speaker mode.
  • Avoid usage of headphones as much as you can.
  • Don’t ever place your mobile/laptop on your laps or near the reproductive organs.
  • Avoid placing the phone in your pant’s pockets.
  • Don’t use the phone when charging.

Technology is something that has been created by us humans. It was initially meant for constructive purpose, but as the world in today is filled with all apathy, jealousy, riots in the name of religion etc. it is used in destructive mode rather often.

Mobile phones have a various good uses which we are surrounded upon like:

  • Building a website or starting a company on the phone itself.
  • Getting in touch with the long lost loved ones.
  • Earning money through Instagram, Facebook or YouTube channels etc. are some good usages which we can put up on using our mobile phones taking an inspiration from other.

                            “The tale of mystery has two sides to a story,

                       We are all surrounded by the act of deceitful and glory;

                 It’s you who decides which way to end,

                   To build a family of destruction or lonely be a ray of hope to mend.

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  • Yes that’s true.
    Please follow these suggestion:
    1. Keep your mobile phones and other devices away from your body before sleeping.
    2. Listen to your calls on loud speaker mode.
    3. Avoid usage of headphones as much as you can.
    4. Don’t ever place your mobile/laptop on your laps or near the reproductive organs.
    5. Avoid placing the phone in your pant’s pockets.
    6. Don’t use the phone when charging.