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Some say it was because of the mesmerizing beauty of Mona Lisa and her blushing smile, for some it was just the craze of the painting within itself, while quite a few times it caught the attention due to it’s theft and conspiracy revolving around the same.

Years and years of research and analysis went on, to study the most famous painting of all the century ‘Mona Lisa’! Some assumed it to be pure art of imagination while other penned down the reality of it’s existence. But, how many of you know that the real name of portrayed woman is in fact not ‘Mona Lisa’ but ‘Lisa Gherardini ‘ who belong to one of the royal families in Florence and Tuscany.

We have all been living in a myth that:

  • Her name is Mona Lisa.
  • Her beauty was discovered by Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Many believed that her AWOL eyebrows is an unfinished experiment.

Woooaaahhh…hold on! She wasn’t discovered by Leonardo Da Vinci, but it was Lisa’s husband Francesco Del Giocondo, was a wealthy Florentine silk merchant, who had approached him for the portrayal of his wife to mark the occasion of birth of their second son and completion of their home. It is been roughly analyzed that the painting was portrayed between 1503-1518 during the Renaissance period.


Leonardo Da Vinci:

Leonardo Da Vinci

The name of the man himself is more than enough to make any painting’s value rise up more than before. He was the most famous and renowned painter during that generation, due to his famous other portrayal like The Last Supper. Apart from being an artist, he was also a inventor, doctor and a scientist.





Pablo Picasso accused of theft:

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso, another growing artist of that generation, was accused of stealing the ‘Mona Lisa’ painting, and was jailed, but later was released as the real culprit Vincenzo Perugia was caught for the theft of the same. Later, a man named himself ‘Marquis of the Vale of Hell ’ admitted, for apparently hiring three of the locals for the theft and out of which Perugia was one. For two years, it was assumed to be lost till it was regained. The painting was presumed in his hub for two years and later was caught when he tried to trade the artwork.


Lisa Gherardini:

Lisa Gherardini

This lady, has proved to broken many hearts during that era. She made men to go Gaga over her extraordinary beauty and her royal personality. It is also to be believed that a man named Luc Maspero had committed suicide by jumping from the fourth floor of the Parisian hotel saying that he had been in love with her grippled smile and that it’s the time for him to die!



The painting came under the attack more than once:

  • The first attack precisely took place in the year 1956, where the attacker threw acid at the bottom of the painting trying to destroy it’s evergreen beauty.
  • Second consecutive attack took place the same year, when a vandalist threw rocks at the painting which destroyed the carvings of the art, which was only then later, that the painting was given a bullet proof glass so as to further stay away from the hate and harm.

Insured for $100 million:

Insured for $100 million

Due to it’s popularity, beauty of Lisa Del Giocondo, Leonardo Da Vinci and many more aspiring facts, the art value when insured turned out to be a hefty 100 million dollar which was considered to be a huge amount during that era. That’s a hell lot of money!

Debate of the smile:

The smile in the painting was itself a matter of debate for many researchers for more than a period of five hundred years, some assumed to be a symbol of happiness as La Gioconda in French means jovial whereas some describe this piece of work as an expression of sadness that can be visualized through her eyes which is not depicting the form of any happiness. Till this time, the theory is a mystery in itself!

With that much of history and beauty all lying in one piece of artwork, it had to be the masterpiece of the centuries!

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