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Google Pixel Buds

This year,on October 19, Google came up with another phone in the Pixel series, the Google Pixel 2, but with a catch. The users were quite worried with the fact that it does not feature a headphone jack. Hard to digest ? Google has an answer in the form of a new pair of wireless earbuds that are powered by Google Assistant- The Google Pixel Buds.

Last year,around the same time,we witnessed the first ever smartphone by the biggest tech giant of all time, Google, in the form of the Google Pixel.
Android is the brainchild of Google and the Google Pixel, too, was a hit among the users worldwide. The company announced that the Google Pixel buds will be soon available this year, at a recently concluded annual hardware event.


Google Pixel Buds Design

With a prolific look and sleek design, it is sure to make its way into the checklist of most users. The Buds are not completely wireless but, with both the buds connected with a fabric tether that has a portion that loops with the earpiece. The adjustments can be made to the loop size to perfectly fit into your ear.

The touch controls are provided on the right earbud. So you don’t have to take out your phone from your pocket, every time, you need to change the music or adjust the volume. A single touch can start or stop music and by swiping forward and backward, the volume can be increased or decreased respectively.

Cool Features-

Powered by Google Assistant,you can enable this tool by just touching and holding the right earbud. You can just speak up if you want to make a call,send a message or need walking directions and the rest will be taken care of by the Google Assistant. The best part ? All this can be done with your phone in your pocket. What more, you can be alerted by your notifications or even have your messages read out to you by the Google Assistant.

Google Pixel Buds supports 40 languages

The real icing on the cake is the fact that you can use Google Translate on the go. This is one really cool feature that makes this product a complete standout. It is an awesome application with Google Translate and is powered by machine learning. It is just like having a personal translator by your side. It gives you access to cloud based machine learning at your fingertips. It is known to support 40 languages when it rolls out,this year.

So next time you’re in some place where the language is somewhat unknown to you, all you need to do is hand over your Google Pixel Buds to the person and ask him to speak up. You can hear the translation in your preferred language from the speaker of your paired Pixel device. As of now, this feature is just limited to the Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2. The Google Pixel Buds can last up to five hours on a single charge.

Battery Life-Google Pixel Buds battery life

The earbuds’ matching charging case can power them multiple times with its 620mAh battery. It should provide up to 24 hours of listening time and charges through a USB-C port. The “Fast Pair” feature enables anyone using a phone running on Android Marshmallow or higher by just opening the case.

Color Variants and Price-

Google Pixel Buds colors

Just like the newly launched Google Pixel 2, the Buds,too,come in 3 color variants: black, white and blue to compliment your phone. The price is expected to be around $150 when it hits the market next month.
There have been many crowdfunded projects in the past to incorporate an in-built translator your earphones,but the results were not up to the mark. So it remains to be seen whether the Google Pixel buds can successfully pull it off.

Earlier, the QC 35 II by Bose had built the Google Assistant into the headphones and was priced around $350. However, it did not have the Google Translate feature. With such attempts from the leading manufacturers, we can expect some major breakthroughs in the way we use our earphones in the months and years to come.

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