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Cicret Bracelet

In today’s fast developing world of technology, nothing is impossible to achieve, if not easy. Video calls are quite common these days but who could have thought something of this sort in the 90s. So with the advancements in technology, everything seems virtually possible. In the smartphone market which is being dominated by the Samsung and Mi, there is something which is being worked upon by the engineers which is all set to hit the markets in the next few years – The Cicret Bracelet.

The Cicret Bracelet is “like a tablet, but on your skin”, to quote the developers working on this project.

Built of Cicret Bracelet

With the news and the memes doing countless rounds on social media regarding smartphones blasting, all your worries can be certainly put to rest as you can blindly rely on its battery. On a serious note, this project, if implemented successfully, will certainly be a gadget to watch out for in the future.

Features of Cicret Bracelet –

“Answer your calls, check the weather, read your mails, browse internet, play your favorite games, find your way… Do whatever you want to do on your arm,” declares Cicret on its official website. The video on the official website received an overwhelming response from the viewers too. It will certainly be on the lookout of those gadget geeks who are tired of holding their touchscreen phones and are looking for an alternative. Nevertheless, they would have to shell out a considerable chunk on this as the price is likely to be around $400. The Cicret project is currently being handled by a team of French Designers, headed by Guillaume Pommier, co-founder of the Cicret . To turn the surreal Cicret device into reality, the designers are seeking funding. The inventors say they need about $810,000 to finish the first prototype or model of bracelet and about $340,000 to develop the Cicret App for all platforms. If their crowd sourcing proves successful, the Cicret bracelet is planned to be available in 10 colors and two drive sizes – 16 and 32 GB.

Call on Cicret Bracelet

What’s Inside it –

The Cicret is currently trying to raise funds for its project by collecting $100 from those interested in funding this project and making the product available to them for a mere $150 when it hits the market. This is quite a steal, I feel. But again, use appropriate judgement here if you are interested in funding this project. The Cicret Bracelet gets activated with a twist of your wrist, and is internally equipped with a processor, memory card, bluetooth, WI-Fi, accelerometer and a micro USB port. But the key part is the so-called “pico-projector” and an array of proximity sensors. The pico-projector projects the interface onto your arm. When you move a finger on the interface, one of eight proximity sensors gets stopped.


The sensor sends the information back to the processor in your Cicret bracelet. It also comes with an inbuilt speaker and a microphone which enables you to receive calls,even without touching your phone. The Cicret Bracelet is water resistant, so you can answer all your important calls while you are taking a shower. There is also a vibrator for alerts and Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth. Undoubtedly,the Cicret Bracelet is one of the most exciting projects to look out for in the future. With hassle free handling and easy to use features, the Cicret is sure to attract the tech geeks when it rolls out in the market. But it remains to be seen when it is made available in the market by the manufacturers.

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