What if Earth Stopped Spinning for 40 seconds and Start Spinning Again

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Earth is the only planet where life is possible. Everything that is possible on earth is due to rotation and revolution. It rotate and revolve around its own axis. Day and night, winter, spring, monsoon, autumn are the consequence of rotation and revolution of earth around it’s axis. Hence you can conclude that everything on earth is possible because of rotation and revolution.But what if Earth Stopped Spinning just for 40 seconds? Have you ever imagined this or just fear to imagine.

  • Will life come to an end in just 40 seconds?
  • Will the humans die in these 40 second?
  • What about the atmosphere?
  • What about the gravitational force, the sea, the ocean, the pole?
  • Disaster, destruction, Death all around?

Wow, doesn’t it sounds interesting and thrilling? Obviously not if we will be in the situation . It will be an adventure tour if just for 40 second we see what will happen if Earth stopped spinning. Let us dive into what are the disaster one by one

1.We will move in tangential direction with the speed of earth’s rotation.

Tangential Direction

  • Do you remember that science chapter Rotation in Physics book?
  • Or have you ever felt sudden brake while traveling in a car?

We move forward with the velocity of the car .The condition will remain same for earth as well. Earth rotates with 1670km/h at the equator. Everything will be thrown out of the earth with this speed. Don’t be happy that you will reach space without a rocket! Yes this speed is too high but not sufficient to help you land in space.

2. Soil Erosion

Soil Erosion if Earth Stopped Spinning

When earth will stop spinning the atmosphere will continue to move with the same speed and the soil on the surface of the earth will erode.

3. North Pole and South Pole will disappear

North Pole and south pole if Earth Stopped Spinning

The spherical shape of the earth is due to rotation because the centrifugal force which pulls the earth outwards at equator. When the earth will stop spinning the shape of the earth will become round because of which the water of the ocean will start to distribute in equal proportion and the south pole and north pole will disappear. At equator the water from the ocean will form high wave and will cause Tsunami in the equatorial region.

4. Aeroplane will be trapped in the atmosphere

Aeroplane will be trapped in the atmosphere

The aeroplane will have to withstand high wind of the atmosphere if the earth stopped spinning. The plane will not be able to bear this and that can crash and the passengers will surely die.

5. Destruction Everywhere

Destruction Everywhere

The buildings and everything on the earth will be destroyed . Life will come to an end in just 40 second. The  water of the ocean will come to land. There will be nothing to eat and drink. Destruction everywhere due to wind and water.

So, What after 40 seconds when the earth will start spinning again?

Will everything become normal? Will the life exist?

Will the life exist

  1. The water from the poles will again move from there and the poles will exist once again.
  2. The water the land will move to ocean again.
  3. The earth will become elliptical at equator.The earth will become elliptical at equator
  4. The atmosphere will stop moving with high speed.
  5. Everything will be as it was.

Will there be anyone alive after this?

The answer is absolute no. Most of the death would have already taken place and those who would be alive would die soon. There would be nothing to eat and no water to drink. The water on the land would be polluted because of the water of the ocean. If by chance somebody would exist they would die to quench their thirst.

Scared right? Don’t worry there is less than 1% chance for this to take place in the next billion years.

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